What a Typical Day of Keto Eating Looks Like (Our Team & Keto Nutritionist Share Their Meals)

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woman holding plate of keto pizza salad

Feeling hungry and not sure what to eat? 

If you’re new to this low carb lifestyle, you may be wondering what exactly a typical day of eating looks like on the keto diet. Sure, we have a ton of amazing recipes here on Hip2Keto, but sometimes life happens and you get busy and don’t have time to meal prep and you just need something quick and easy. It’s all about balance and making keto work for your lifestyle on a daily basis.

So if you want some clarity on what a typical day of eating looks like on the keto diet, read on…

woman eating meat and cheese on a cutting board

We polled our keto nutritionist and some of our Hip2Keto team members to find out what a regular day of keto looks like for them. Their meals might help you grab a few new ideas on what to eat to keep it keto all day long!

Keep in mind that many team members and lots of people who follow a ketogenic way of eating, will often skip meals and do intermittent fasting regularly. When fat-adapted, going long periods between meals is a cinch and often feels natural.

What does our team eat for breakfast?

keto chaffle breakfast sandwich with sausage and egg

Pictured above - Keto McGriddle Breakfast Sandwich Copycat Recipe.

“I usually have a Breve Latte or if I feel I need something more substantial my fat-fueled Latte.” – Tara, our keto nutritionist

“My go to breakfast is typically two eggs with a slice of cheddar cheese, a strip of bacon, half of an avocado topped with Everything But the Bagel seasoning. I sometimes make a keto chaffle breakfast sandwich and will have a cup of coffee with MCT Oil.” – Angie

“I typically grab low-carb yogurt and throw in a few berries for breakfast, then mid-morning I’ll have an iced coffee with heavy cream. I’ll sometimes have sausage and eggs to mix it up and give myself a little bit of variety.” – Stacy

“I try and last until noon before I eat, but sometimes I’ll go to QDOBA and order their breakfast bowl with eggs, bacon, steak, lettuce, onions, ranch, red salsa, and pico. It’s delicious. When I want to treat myself, I’ll occasionally grab a Starbucks Grande Americano with heavy cream and sugar-free vanilla.” – Stetson

“I usually don’t eat breakfast, but do drink a really strong Americano with steamed heavy cream (using my beloved Breville Espresso Machine). If I do wake up hungry (which isn’t often), I’ll have nut butter on a spoon.” – Collin

What does our team eat for lunch?

cobb salad in a bowl

Pictured above - salad from Panea Bread.

“I usually have a big lunch or just have dinner. If I’m doing lunch, I’ll have a big mixed green salad with a good protein like wild salmon, chicken, or eggs. In addition, I’ll add some type of nuts sprinkled on top, sometimes berries, avocado, cucumber, and other misc. salad toppings. A salad is an easy vehicle for healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, eggs, nuts, and salad dressings.” – Tara, our keto nutritionist

“For lunch, I usually have leftovers from dinner or a sandwich using low carb bread, with pork rinds or Quest chips and a pickle.” – Angie

“I like to have a big salad with meat like a Chef Salad or Cobb Salad. If I’m on the go and need to make a quick decision about what to eat on keto, I’ll order a bunless burger or grilled nuggets from Chick-Fil-A.” – Stacy

“I typically only eat twice a day and skip a meal… unless I’m having to do taste tests for Hip2Save or Hip2Keto. If I am hungry for lunch and on the go, I often will grab an inexpensive Costco Hot Dog without the bun.” – Stetson

“I rarely ever eat lunch as I’m truly not hungry and typically do intermittent fasting until dinner. I will, however, drink beverages throughout the day – sparkling water, hot tea, coffee, and our refreshing citrus water!” – Collin

What does our team eat for dinner?

woman holding two well marbled steaks

Pictured above - well marbled steaks - click to see Collin's tips on picking out the best cuts.

“For dinner, I like to keep things simple. I will pick a protein, a non-starchy vegetable (sometimes I will even add a small amount of roasted sweet potato mixed with other low-carb veggies – yep, that’s right, sweet potato, and I’m still keto 😋). I’m pretty generous with that fat I cook with or adding melted grass-fed butter or olive oil on top of whatever I am cooking.” – Tara, our keto nutritionist

“We cook sometimes according to a food holiday just for fun, but it’s always meat and a veggie. Sometimes Chicken Cordon Blue with a salad, Alice Springs Chicken with green beans, or even a Keto Burrito in a bowl. I like to plan all of my meals ahead of time.” – Angie

“I like to have some kind of meat and low carb vegetable. Lemon herb chicken and sautéed veggies are always a favorite in our home. We usually add a starch for the kids, but we always make meat and low-carb veggies for the entire family.” – Stacy

“In the evenings, I usually workout, and on those nights I’ll often end up eating three burger patties with cheese, mustard, and veggies. I also regularly take advantage of the $9.99 meal from Texas Roadhouse so I can have steak, green beans, and a side salad with ranch. And nope, I rarely ever cook at home. 😬” – Stetson

“I so look forward to my high-fat keto dinners – they are always so filling and delicious! I’ve tried so many of the dinner recipes that we’ve post on Hip2Keto. Some of my absolute faves that I’ve made time and time again – Chicken and broccoli casserole (this is a must-try!!), Italian sausage and spaghetti squash casserole, Crock-pot keto taco soup, homemade cauliflower pizza, steak with veggies, AND I love Trader Joe’s Pork Carnitas when I need to put together a last-minute dinner!

Oh and if we’re going out to eat, we keep it casual and often hit up Five Guys! My order is usually a NO bun bowl burger with 3 patties – with cheese, bacon, and jalapenos.” – Collin

What does our team snack on and do they enjoy desserts?

man eating keto ice cream as a snack idea of what to eat on the keto diet

Pictured above - Enlightened ice cream keto collection .

“I don’t always snack, but if I do then it’s usually macadamia nuts, olives, or brie cheese. Trader Joe’s has awesome individually wrapped brie! Sometimes I will indulge in Rebel or Enlightened Keto Ice Cream with a little bit of my homemade keto chocolate sauce on top! I usually only prefer to drink water and my favorite is Topochico sparkling water with fresh lime. I also like the La Croix and San Pellegrino Essenza sparkling waters as well.” – Tara, our keto nutritionist

“If I snack, I’ll choose from Two Good Yogurt with grain-free granola or keto trail mix, Enlightened keto ice cream, berries with homemade whipped cream, dip with cucumbers, ALDI low carb bars, or a beef stick with cheese.” – Angie

“I like to snack on beef sticks and cheese and drink sparkling beverages – the carbonation seems to keep me filled up.” – Stacy

“I don’t really snack, and I prefer to just eat twice a day. If I do get hungry in between, I’ll grab a handful of almonds, Quest chips, or Enlightened Keto ice cream.” – Stetson

“I’m not much of a snacker anymore! However, that wasn’t always the case. Back when I was a carb loving eater, I felt like I was constantly hungry and always snacking. It’s crazy how that quickly changes when you’re in ketosis and filling up on high fat foods. I do occasionally treat myself with a keto dessert. Some of my faves – Enlightened Keto collection ice cream (Love the mint chocolate chip, butter pecan, and coffee flavors), keto cheesecake, and keto peanut butter pie (it’s rich, but oh so good!).”  – Collin

5 easy keto lunches on the counter

As you can see, being successful while living the ketogenic life doesn’t have to take a ton of planning. There are always easy meal options and ideas of what to eat each day on the keto diet to keep you on track!

Be sure to also browse our keto meal prep section for so many great ideas to get you prepared for the week ahead!

Check out our keto restaurant dining guides and take the night off from cooking and cleaning!

About the writer:

Angela graduated with a Bachelor's Degree and has 25+ years of experience as a writer and photographer with her work being featured in US Weekly Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, People Magazine, and more.

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Comments 9

  1. Jaci

    How important is daily water intake on keto?

  2. C

    Thanks for this. I’m a little over a month in (9 lbs down!) and still in the looking for replacement options stage. I appreciate these type of posts and the product reviews (rebel ice cream is amazing) so keep them coming as this is a lifestyle overhaul for my entire family (although my kids are still enjoying chips and chicken nuggets).

    • C

      Not sure I’ll ever be able to justify $40 on cereal though… but then again if you told me a year ago I would $6 for a pint of ice cream, I would’ve said never (too cheap for that but now my response is it’s totally worth it)

      • Surgibelle

        The way I can justify paying higher prices for prepared/boxed/healthy options is knowing 1) pay for it now and live a fulfilled life or pay for it in meds potentially now or later in life. 2)If I pay a high price for healthy food, I’m definitely going to pay attention to portion size and try to make it last. Lol.

        • Angie (Hip2Keto Sidekick)

          Hi there Surgibelle! That’s definitely a great mindset to have🥰 I couldn’t agree more!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      LOL! You’re so welcome, C! Thanks for taking a moment to share your thoughts and success with us! Glad you are enjoying the product reviews!

  3. Tina

    On day 11. Faithfully following recipes and ratios. I lost a pound a day for first 5 days, but on day 6 weight started creeping back up. Day 10 had gained all back plus 1! I’m only 4’ 10”, so 6 pounds is a lot to lose and gain in a few weeks. What might be going on?

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Congratulations on starting your keto journey, Tina! 🎉 There are a few reasons why you might be seeing weight fluctuations during this initial phase of the keto diet, one in particular might be that your body has lost a lot of water weight during the first week or two, and is now adjusting to the new changes being made. We have a post with more details on this, and other keto weight gain culprits and solutions here for you! Hoping this is helpful – and wishing you success as you continue through your new keto lifestyle! 🤗❤️

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