Eat a Whole Pint of Ice Cream? Not a Problem When It’s This Keto-Friendly Brand

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holding pint of rebel mint chocolate chip keto ice cream

Close your eyes and imagine this. You’re taking a bite of a frozen, sweet, creamy substance that doesn’t leave a weird aftertaste in your mouth, and it is so satisfying to your sweet tooth that you break away from this nirvana in a panic thinking it must be loaded with sugar and carbs.

But then, your eyes open to see an exclamation of only 6 net carbs per pint. Did you catch that part? Not 6 net carbs per serving… it’s 6 net carbs for the whole dang pint! 😱

peanut butter fudge and chocolate flavors of rebel ice cream

That, my friends, is what it feels like to eat Rebel Creamery ice cream.

I don’t know if there’s any keto product I’ve raved about more than this absolutely delicious creation that somehow captures all the best aspects of ice cream and made them keto-friendly. I’ve mentioned just how much I have been loving this keto dessert not once, not twice, but three times in our Hip2Keto Facebook group.

rebel mint chip ice cream

My area doesn’t have all the flavors yet, so I’ve only tried chocolate, vanilla, peanut butter fudge, cookie dough, and mint chip, which is definitely my favorite of the varieties I’ve enjoyed. It’s so good that I can literally eat the ENTIRE pint in a sitting and not feel guilty. And yes, I have done this a few times! 🤷🏼

I could honestly go on for days about how much I am obsessed with this ice cream, but I’ll cut right to the nutrition facts and pint locator so you can try it out for yourself ASAP.

Collin holding Rebel Creamery keto ice cream pints

Peanut Butter Fudge
  • Serving size: 1/2 cup, Calories: 200, Total Fat: 19g, Net Carbs: 2g (Total: 12g, Fiber: 3g, Sugar Alcohol: 7g), Protein: 3g
Mint Chip
  • Serving size: 1/2 cup, Calories: 160, Total Fat: 15g, Net Carbs: 1g (Total: 11g, Fiber: 3g, Sugar Alcohol: 7g), Protein: 2g
Butter Pecan
  • Serving size: 1/2 cup, Calories: 190, Total Fat: 18g, Net Carbs: 1g (Total: 10g, Fiber: 3g, Sugar Alcohol: 6g), Protein: 2g
Cookie Dough
  • Serving size: 1/2 cup, Calories: 170, Total Fat: 16g, Net Carbs: 1g (Total: 14g, Fiber: 3g, Sugar Alcohol: 10g), Protein: 3g
  • Serving size: 1/2 cup, Calories: 140, Total Fat: 12g, Net Carbs: 1g (Total: 13g, Fiber: 2g, Sugar Alcohol: 10g), Protein: 2g
Coffee Chip
  • Serving size: 1/2 cup, Calories: 160, Total Fat: 15g, Net Carbs: 2g (Total: 12g, Fiber: 3g, Sugar Alcohol: 7g), Protein: 2g
  • Serving size: 1/2 cup, Calories: 150, Total Fat: 14g, Net Carbs: 1g (Total: 11g, Fiber: 3g, Sugar Alcohol: 7g), Protein: 2g
  • Serving size: 1/2 cup, Calories: 150, Total Fat: 14g, Net Carbs: 1g (Total: 10g, Fiber: 2g, Sugar Alcohol: 7g), Protein: 2g

Not sure where to buy these yummy pints of keto goodness? Check out their grocery partners and use the interactive map to see where they are near you. And if they’re not in your area, never fear! You can order select flavors by the case on Amazon or get pints and cases shipped directly from Rebel Creamery.  🤗

holding spoon in rebel creamery mint chip keto ice cream

If I were you, I wouldn’t wait to try this out. At the rate I’m taking down these pints, they may be out of stock before you get the chance to taste this keto delicacy for yourself. 😋

P.S. Rebel Creamery is not paying for this post… but they should. 😉

Prefer homemade? Make our yummy keto raspberry cheesecake ice cream recipe.

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Emily obtained her Bachelor's degrees from Clarkson University with 5 years of content writing experience specializing in health, beauty, fashion, home, & living frugally.

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Comments 48

  1. Rebel Creamery

    Thanks for the kind words! We are so happy you like it. We are working towards many more stores and flavors soon!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. You truly have the BEST keto ice cream on the market, and I can’t wait to try more flavors. 🍦 I’m definitely one of your biggest fans!

    • Rae Mason Frampton

      To get net carbs, we r subtracting sugar alcohol and fiber from the total carbs correct? If there are 4 servings per container, I can’t get
      The numbers to work. Help!

      • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

        Yes, you take Total carbs minus sugar alcohol and fiber. You got it right, Rae Mason Frampton!

      • jacqueline matthews

        Cannot understand your maths. It shows 1/3 cup with many more carbs. How do you get 5 carbs per pint. Makes no sense. Why doesn’t it say per pint not per portion.

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          Hi there! The total carbs per pint are listed on the pints. The total and net carbs per serving and the serving sizes are listed above. To get the Net Carb, you will take Total carbs minus the sugar alcohol and fiber. Hoping this is helpful!

      • Jacquelyne Mace

        I’d rather have no sugar alcohol in it

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        Hi there! Rebel gets their net carb count by subtracting sugar alcohols from the Erythritol as well, which is not shown on the nutritional label on Instacart. You could always reach out to Rebel Creamery directly with any questions regarding how the net carb value is calculated. Hope that helps!

    • Vonda

      Love rebel ice cream getting ready to eat some now lo!!!!

      • Angie (Hip2Keto Sidekick)

        Hi Vonda! Yes, its a favorite in our household too. Especially the cookie dough. So glad you love it ❤

    • Cheryl Mertens

      I have been looking online for years looking for low carb ice cream. I could not believe that it was not available! I could not find any hits. Then I was in Luck! Literally, Luck, WI at Wayne’s grocery store. There was a lonely pint of vanilla. I bought it and was hooked. You are the BOMB! (If that is too old a superlative, I am over 60.) You have a customer for hopefully decades.

    • Destiny

      Can I eat this daily on keto😂😂😂

  2. Julia

    The Coffee Chip is amazing too! It’s an even tie with the Mint Chip as the best flavors!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Julia, thanks for sharing your fave flavors! 🙌 The coffee chip isn’t available yet in my area – but it’s definitely one I am so excited to try – ice cream and coffee are two of my favorite things to enjoy! 😍

  3. Yhuff

    I started with cookie dough and thought it would be be impossible to top that creamy deliciousness. Until I tried the peanut butter fudge coffee chip and mint chip, every flavor is so good. No strange aftertaste or texture. Thank you Rebel!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Woohoo! SO happy to hear you are enjoying this ice cream too, Yhuff! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Jamie

    After seeing you post multiple times about this ice cream, I decided to venture to Publix yesterday and see what my area had. It looks like they have all the flavors, so we are pretty lucky here in Richmond, VA. I tried Peanut Butter Fudge, Cookie Dough and Coffee Chip. They were ah-MAZING! Each one I tried was my favorite, until the next one. I may have spent $19 on ice cream.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, Super glad you are loving this ice cream too! 🙌🍨 Thanks for the feedback!

    • Isabella

      I’m in RVA as well, and plan to check out Rebel in Publix too! Thanks for the suggestion! Great to see another Hip2Saver/Hip2Ketoer from RVA!

  5. Debi Sherwood

    I have looked in our area..springfield IL and can’t find where to buy the rebel icecream???

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Darn! I did click through the link above, and then select the store locator option. I did find one store in your area that appears to sell it –
      2115 S MacArthur Blvd
      Springfield, IL 62704
      (217) 726-1001”

      You could always give them a call to double check, before heading out!
      Hoping you find it soon!

  6. Mel

    Shame shame on you Collin for posting this! I initially bypassed the post b/c I’d been disappointed with some other low carb ice creams. But I clicked on the store finder and surprised to find it is sold at my local chain (Rouse’s). So while shopping today, I ventured down the ice cream aisle and spotted it. $5.49. YIKES. I couldn’t decide… yes, no… so finally I caved when I spotted Coffee Chip. Oh.My.Goodness!! This stuff is soo freakin good! It’s creamy and doesn’t have an aftertaste like some other brands I’ve tried. I had to stop myself or I would have eatin the whole container in one sitting!! So good to indulge and not feel guilty or rotten after eating ice cream!
    Hey @Rebel Creamery, where’s the coupons (or hook up with Ibotta)!!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Too funny! I agree, Mel! Great to eat a delicious treat without the guilt! Glad you could grab the Coffee Chip! We’ll definitely keep an eye out for any upcoming offers!

  7. Leslie George

    This ice cream aside from the fudgecicles I make is outstanding!!!! Never thought I would ever find a commercial low carb ice cream with no junk in it. LOL my market is already selling out of it. I need to invest in a freezer lol. Thank you Rebel for making a great product.

  8. Candy M

    I finally found this ice cream today! OMG so good! My husband who hates anything with word low carb said this was the best ice cream!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Really? That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing, Candy M! So glad to hear it passed the “husband” test!

  9. Marci

    Just opened my first pint. Coffee chip..OMG!!! How can this be 7 net carbs for a pint!!! With this I will be able to continue my new chosen life style of low carb eating.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Cool! It makes life a bit easier having this, Marci!

  10. Sherene Clark

    Thank you for answering my question about the ice cream. It is so good I was eating the whole pint. But wasn’t sure if I should. I love this ice cream! I did feel like a rebel eating the whole thing lol now I feel like a rebel with a cause. 😂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      LOL! You’re welcome, Sherene! Glad you have been loving it! Enjoy your ice cream!

  11. Lisa

    Please start selling in Lethbridge Canada. Got to try when down in states and look aways to see if up here yet! waiting patiently!!

  12. Cindy

    Are you able to eat the whole pint in one setting or are you supposed to only eat 1/2cup at a time?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Cindy! When checking the details on the nutritional label, the suggested serving size appears to be 1/2 cup. There are 4 servings per container. Hope this helps!

  13. Louise McNab

    When will we be able to get this great product in Canada?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! You can always head to their site and click on “where to buy” at the top right of the page. That will also give you the option to send a request, to have these sold at a store near you. Hope this helps!

  14. msharp

    Neither my wife or I have any idea what all the rave is about? I’m not even sure this is really ice cream. I suppose if you consider the first rwo ingredients being cream and water it would have to be “ice” and “cream” of ids frozen.
    This product leaves a very unpleasant aftertaste in our mouths. We left it out the soften thinking it would be more flavorful but it doesn’t get soft like ice cream does.

    I suggest that you do like we do, get a small ice cream freezer and make your own keto ice cream.

    • Angie (Hip2Keto Sidekick)

      Hi there! Darn, so sorry that you didn’t enjoy the ice cream as much as we did. Thanks for the money-saving tip on making your own.

  15. Lacie

    I love this ice cream too it’s amazingggg but be careful with the calories! It’s 1/2 a serving, so let’s say you ate 1/2 cup of 160 cal you need to multiply 4 by 160 if you eat the whole pint….which I don’t know about you but I can’t put it down once I eat it lol

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you for the warning!

  16. Nancy

    I love this stuff! I don’t get to Wal-Mart too often but when I do I pick up 4 or 5 at a time.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for letting us know how much you’ve enjoyed it! 🙌😋

  17. Gina Staton

    I tried the banana peanut butter chip Omgosh!!! Amazing! I would love a peanut butter marshmallow flavor!! Great great great!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I’m so happy to hear that! Thanks, Gina Staton!

  18. Tanya

    I love rebel. The triple chocolate and regular chocolate are my favorite. I’d love to try vanilla. I have not found it in stores in the northeast.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hope you find the vanilla soon, Tanya!

  19. T

    The new Orange flavor is out of this world! Wish they sold it in bigger containers though … like five gallons!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Sounds like I need to try the orange!🥰

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