Keto Bread

Think you can't have bread on keto? Think again! We've published some of the best tasting and easiest keto bread recipes around. Try these low-carb bagels, homemade biscuits, taco stuffed breadsticks, fat head dough, and much more. Bake some up tonight, and enjoy guilt-free!

missing bread, not with these keto biscuits slathered in butter

"I. Love. Bread." - Oprah

I'm going to take a guess that if you've switched from enjoying carbs to eating keto, you might be missing that oh so comforting bread food group. Luckily, your life doesn't have to be completely breadless! Here are some products and recipes to bring keto bread products back into your life, without the heavy carb hit.

1. Fathead bagels

Keto Bagel With Cream Cheese You read that right — bagels! And they're actually keto! This super simple recipe can get you back on the bagel train with minimal effort, and at only 5g net carbs per bagel, no less! Even better, this dough recipe is so versatile.
fresh keto rolls on baking sheet Instead of forming the dough into rings for bagels, you can drop mounds of dough and slightly flatten onto a baking sheet to bake up keto rolls. Or, ball the dough up for pull-apart pizza bread. Yum!

2. Low-carb tortillas

mama lupe's low-carb tortillas are great for a low carb wrap replacement You can find some low card tortillas options online or at Trader Joe's, but this is an ingredient swap that should be used sparingly as the ingredients and nutritional value are more on the side of dirty keto standards.
For an even more low carb version of tortillas, check out these recipes for enchiladas, taquitos, and tacos that create a shell out of one ingredient — cheese!

3. Fathead pizza dough

pizza cutter slicing up keto pepperoni pizza Mmm... pizza! And you know pizza is only as good as it's crunchy, chewy crust! Craft your own keto pizza pie with this Fathead pizza crust recipe for a 2g net carb slice. Similar to the bagel dough recipe, the options for this Fathead dough don't stop at just pizza. Give these yummy taco breadsticks a try to serve alongside your favorite dipping sauces.

4. Low-carb bread loaves

SOLA keto bread It looks like bread, it tastes like bread, and you don't have even mix up the dough yourself! Sola Bread is the answer to your "Can't I just get a slice of bread!?" woes. At only 4g or less net carbs, and with a whopping 6g of protein to boot, you can build the keto sandwich of your dreams without the guilt. Plus, it comes in a variety of options like White Wheat, Sweet Oat, and Deliciously Seeded.
Other keto bread loaf options include SoLo Carb bread with 3g net carbs per slice or ThinSlim Food Zero Carb bread with a zero net carb count! These loaves of keto bread can be a bit pricey to buy online or come in large qualities, so toss the loaves in the freezer to keep them fresh until you're ready to dive in.

5. Pork rinds (for breading)

ingredients to make crispy chicken breading Making a meal that delivers a crunch factor is a rare treat on keto. That said, you can crunchitize chicken tenders with a gas station snack — pork rinds! It's the base of our keto seasoned breadcrumbs that can be used whenever your favorite recipe calls for some breading.
If pork rinds just aren't your jam, try other crunchy breading options like crushed up Cello Whisps or almond flour on these chicken nuggets!

6. Cheesy biscuits

slicing a keto biscuit in half There's nothing like a warm, buttery biscuit, and our cheesy keto biscuits are sure to please! They're the perfect complement to any hearty keto meal at only 1g net carb. You could even use them to make breakfast sandwiches with eggs and bacon, or just slather on some Kerrygold butter for a savory fat-fueled treat.

7. Keto zucchini bread

keto zucchini lemon loaf On keto, sometimes mornings can feel like an endless cycle of eggs for breakfast. Not with this tasty breakfast keto bread! Our keto lemon zucchini bread serves up cake-like slices for a quick grab-and-go breakfast or sweetly savored after your favorite keto dinner. Plus, they ring in at <1g net carb per 1/2" slice!

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