What are Some Easy Ways to Cut Carbs?

Cutting carbs isn’t as simple as grabbing a knife and slicing a french fry in two. 🙄 And let’s face it; you’ve still gotta eat. Why not enjoy the better (read: keto) things in life? Here are a few incredibly easy ways to cut carbs from your keto diet, especially if you’re just starting out.

Substitute cauliflower for starches.

easy ways to cut carbs – cauliflower pizza crust on a pan

In recipes like pizza (pictured above), mashed potatoes, and fried rice, cauliflower makes a terrific sub. And when you’re crazy busy, you can do what I do and buy pre-riced cauliflower to save time!

Hip Tip: Cauliflower tends to hold a lot of water, so be sure to drain cooked, riced cauliflower well before adding to recipes.

Say bye to grain breads.

easy ways to cut carbs – fat head bagels on a pan


Truthfully, what’s bread but the least amazing part of any sandwich? And with so many options, like these simple Fat Head bagels, you won’t even miss it. You can also wrap sandwiches with thin cheese slices or lettuce instead of bread.

Hip Tip: Cook Lina’s Fat Head dough in a waffle maker for quick, easy sandwich bread! SO good.

Nix sugary drinks.

easy ways to cut carbs – Wendy's keto frosty

Drinking your carbs is worse than eating them. Skip the fruit juices, sodas, and sugary Starbucks drinks, and opt for low-carb options like unsweetened iced tea, the keto copycat Wendy’s Frosty and coconut oil blended coffee.

Hip Tip: Hate the taste of water? Add cucumber slices and mint to a chilled pitcher of water for some oomph.

Watch your booze.

easy ways to cut carbs – skip the beer

Hip Sidekick Emily says: “I’ve actually cut back on my liquid carb intake. I used to primarily opt for beer (I worked at a craft brewery so it was part of the company culture) whenever I would have a drink, but my boyfriend and I have switched to drinking Truly’s, those spiked seltzer waters. They’re only 100 calories with 2g of carbs (compared to craft beer which can have up to 20-something grams of carbs depending on the beer style). They obviously taste nothing alike, but I actually prefer them since I feel like I have less heartburn and don’t get as bloated as I would with beer.”

Hip Tip: Hard liquor contains few-to-no-carbs, but enjoy responsibly.

Track your macros.

easy ways to cut carbs – nutrition tracking software on an iPhone

Of all of the tips, tracking your food intake is probably the most important. No one loses weight in a vacuum, and it’s easy to think a carb here and a carb there won’t add up quickly (it does). Track your nutrients and carbs in a free software like MyFitnessPal or another food calculator.

HipTip: Looking for local support? TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) offers weekly meetings and friendly accountability for CHEAP. Find a meeting near you!

What tip helped you the most as a new keto dieter? Please share below!

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  • Jamie

    I’m just starting out so I don’t have a tip that’s helped me the most yet but I can say my first week I lost 5 lbs and then this week I’m just stuck. No movement. I don’t think I’m overdoing it but I’m going to try the “Tracking your Macros” tip and hope that helps point me in the right direction!

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