My Honest Review of Snake River Farms: 3 Meats I Loved & 2 Not So Much!

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grilled snake river farms on a plate

Do you enjoy savoring a tender, juicy steak? 🤤

I do! My husband and I love cooking special dinner recipes at home. In fact, my hubby recently ordered some steaks and other meat products from Snake River Farms. They sell premium quality beef steaks, roasts, briskets, ribs, chops, burgers, and more. To be honest, when he told me what he was ordering and what the cost was, I was a little annoyed. LOL! 😆

Then he shared with me some details about how high quality the meat is, and how we should at least try it once. And, now to be quite honest, after trying their steak, I am totally sold on Snake River Farms… even at their steep prices!

Important Note:

We paid for our own box of products. This isn’t a sponsored post, just an honest product review. I hope this is a fun read for any other fellow carnivores.

snake river farms insulated bag with meat

We ordered two cuts of prime steaks from the Double R Ranch line, tomahawk pork chops, bacon, and some wagyu hot dogs. Everything arrived in a box and inside a nice insulated bag with cold packs, delivered right to my front door. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that, right?!

steaks on a plate from snake river farms

How is Snake River Farms beef graded?

All of their beef is graded on marbling, color, and the absence of defects anywhere on the cow. Double R Ranch uses the USDA grading scale, which includes these designations:

    • Select: This beef has only slight marbling and is typically leaner than the other designations. It is likely to have less juiciness and flavor than higher-rated beef.
    • Choice: High-quality beef with moderate marbling, this designation provides juicy and flavorful cuts, particularly from the loin and rib areas.
    • Prime: The highest designation, Prime has abundant marbling from young cattle and is primarily found in restaurants and hotels.

prime new york strip steak on the grill

1.) Prime New York Strip Steaks

Cost: ($52/each)

New York Strip is a top steakhouse cut and this USDA Prime rendition features lots of delicious marbling and measures 1 ½ inch thick. We grilled ours on the outdoor grill to medium doneness and it tasted fantastic with incredible flavor and texture. I loved this tender steak so much!

grilled snake river farms steak cut up

Verdict: Although pricey at around $50 each, we would maybe pay around that at an expensive steakhouse and this fed my family of 4. It was delicious, and yep, I would totally buy this again!

Deal idea!

BUY 4 Prime New York Strip Steaks $208
Save 5% when ordering 4 steaks
Use promo code SRFSHIPSFREE for free shipping
Final cost $197.60 shipped!

snake river farms grilled ribeye steaks

2.) Prime Ribeye Steaks

Cost: ($45/each)

This ribeye cut is packed with the highest amount of marbling recognized by the USDA and cut to 1.5 inches thick. Overall it was outstanding and honestly one of the BEST steaks I’ve ever had. It’s like a melt in your mouth type of steak. We also grilled this cut outside, and the result was AMAZING!

snake river farms beef ribeye

Verdict: Yep, the prime ribeyes were delish! This was a beautiful dinner at home, and we loved it! Don’t hesitate on this cut of steak, as it exceeded my expectations for sure.

Deal idea!

BUY 4 Prime Ribeye Steaks $180
Save 5% when ordering 4 steaks
Use promo code SRFSHIPSFREE for free shipping
Final cost $171 shipped!

pork chops from snake river farms

3.) Tomahawk Pork Chops

Cost: ($23/each)

Here’s a Kurobuta pork chop with a long exposed bone for a unique appearance. Snake River Farms Kurobuta is gourmet pork from Berkshire, a heritage breed hog with a history in Japanese cuisine. It is known for fine, abundant marbling which makes it juicy and flavorful. This pork is all-natural with no added hormones, raised on small farms.

Sometimes pork chops can be tough but these are incredible! We loved how flavorful and tender these are. I pan-fried them in my cast iron skillet with some fresh herbs and olive oil for a simple yet stunning dinner. They turned out fantastic, what a special treat!

pork chop on a plate

Verdict: YES! So much yes to these pork chops! I am team pork chop today! These are definitely worth ordering.

Deal idea!

BUY 4 Tomahawk Pork Chops $92
Save 5% when ordering 4 chops
Use promo code SRFSHIPSFREE for free shipping
Final cost $87.40 shipped!

package of snake river farms bacon unopened

4.) Hardwood Smoked Bacon

Cost: ($27/pack)

Snake River Farms gourmet Kurobuta bacon has a smoky, salty, and slightly sweet flavor from the light cure and real hardwood smoke. These slabs and slices are produced from 100% heritage Berkshire hogs.

This bacon is yum! It’s crispy, has lots of flavors, and cooks nicely without a ton of shrinking. I love the thicker cut, and this disappeared fast in our family.

plate of cooked snake farms bacon

Verdict: So as much as I love bacon, Costco has great thick-cut bacon for less than half the price of this one. So I will stick with that, and skip Snake River Farms bacon. It’s just not worth it to me at that high of a price.

wagyu hot dogs from snake river farms

5.) American Wagyu Hot Dogs

Cost: ($12/pack of 5)

These wagyu gourmet franks are packed with the casing intact, just like true old fashioned franks. I wanted to LOVE these so much, but all of us didn’t enjoy these hot dogs at all. They lacked flavor and the casing texture is odd and tough.

Verdict: I am not a fan of these hot dogs, and would definitely suggest skipping these. Costco & Sam’s Club both have a decent hot dog for just $1.50, and they are ten times tastier than THIS! 😬

Collin is a big fan of Snake River farms too! Here’s what she has to say:

“I used to buy Snake River Farms products when I lived in Boise, ID as they were available at my local grocery store. They were amazing! BUT since we moved to Reno, NV, it’s hard to find the same quality meats at the grocery stores here… I’m missing my marbled Wagyu Ribeye Steaks so much!!”

woman holding steak beef

Why does Collin love Snake River Farms?

“They’ve adopted a lot of the traditional aspects of the Japanese feeding method. This means it takes up to four times longer than traditional U.S. cattle production methods before the beef is ready. At the same time, the result is beautiful beef that’s extremely tender and intensely flavorful! So worth it!

An important part of their process is something I hadn’t heard about before called wet aging. To maximize the flavor and tenderness of their meat, they carefully marinade a piece of meat in its own juices and keep it from being exposed to the outside air. Gotta love a juicy, tender steak!

And even better, once they’re done aging the meat, they have master butchers who hand-select, trim, and cut the final products they package. The end result is unlike anything I’ve ever tried! Try finding that at the grocery store or from many other online retailers (another reason why I love Snake River Farms so much!).”

Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef grades above Prime on the USDA grading scale and is graded using the Japanese Beef Marbling Standard. This standard rates beef on a scale of 1-12 based on the beef’s marbling. Most U.S. beef rated Prime by the USDA falls in the 4 to 5 range. American Wagyu rates as follows:

    • Black Grade: Beef rating at a 6 or above on the Japanese Beef Marbling Standard.
    • Gold Grade: Beef rating at a 9 or above on the Japanese Beef Marbling Standard, making it some of the highest quality beef grown inside the United States.

Snake River Farms Meats

On the fence? Here’s Collin’s love letter to Snake River Farms… 😆

Oh Snake River Farms, how I love everything about your beautifully marbled wagyu ribeye steaks. They melt like butter in my mouth, and the experience of eating your meat is orgasmic. Your prices are jaw-dropping high, but the taste is jaw-dropping AMAZING, so I’ll continue to give you all my money because meat is always what’s for dinner.

steak sliced up on cutting board

Conclusion: Snake River Farms is pricey but worth the splurge!

Yes, their meats are more expensive than what you’d typically pay for at the average grocery store. But they would be a real treat if you’re celebrating a special occasion at home or just want to put a smile on someone’s face who is just starting out on their keto journey!

Try this cast iron method for cooking the best steak!

About the writer:

Lina has a Bachelor's Degree from Northern Arizona University with 11 years of blogging and photography experience having work featured in, Martha Stewart, Country Living, Fox News, Buzzfeed, and HGTV.

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Comments 2

  1. David Boudreaux

    I too agree with the article with most of the meats talked about . Both me and my wife are retired for a few years and with a not so good body parts (knees, feet, hands) and couple of cracked lower vertebrates from getting rammed in my car from the back. So many of the trips we were going to go on are put on hold for now. So with just the wife and I at home, I don’t buy a whole lot of different cuts of the beef for weekly use. We love the Wagu gold fillets, 10 oz size, same w/ the 1.5” wagu gold and of course we tried many of the other cuts and found most to be very good. The only item I have issues with is the hot dog franks, they are made with most of what a much cheaper frank at a discount gas station. It is loaded with sodium, a lot of it. It isn’t a good tasting frank at all. Many store stocked brands are a ‘10’ compared to the SRF brands. First, they need to find a better company to make sure they have a great taste, 2nd- make them with a lot less sodium, ( I’m sure moms and dads look at ingredients on a lot of products they eat, esp, if they are going to give kids most of them to eat or if you have high BP.) Just shop like you do for anything you eat.
    Now for the final thoughts on their meats, for the Holidays, I try to cook a few “sleeper” items to surprise my family on Christmas dinner, 2 of the best items as far as main dishes, a smoked beef short ribs or the 4 ribbed bone in Wagu gold rack of prime rib, ( it weighs in at 12 lbs of solid beef with just enough fat in it.) it is by far the best piece of meat I have eaten at any place in our Country. Cooked it just like any roast I have cooked in the last 15 years. Salt, cracked black pepper and a good roasted garlic, rubbed into the meat, seared on my BGE, and finished off in a covered pan in the oven to a perfect 110* and let it rest for 30-40 heart wrenching minutes while you make a favorite gravy for anyone who wishes so. Enjoy and watch your family members FBing on how they just ate a piece of meat like none other.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      YUM! That does sound delicious, David.🙌 Thanks for taking the time to share your review and experience on their meats! I enjoyed hearing how you cook your two favorites! 😋💖

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