7 Top Keto Sodas & Sparkling Waters to Try – All the Flavor Without the Carbs or Sugar!

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These keto sodas & sparkling waters are as satisfying as the real deal without the unhealthy ingredients.

pouring Zevia zero sugar keto soda into a glass

Wondering if you can drink diet soda on keto, and which sugar-free drinks are worth the splurge?

It’s no secret that regular old soda isn’t the healthiest since almost all the popular brands are loaded with sugars and artificial flavors.

And to make it even more of a bummer, those drinks are pretty addictive! They’re especially hard to give up if you’re used to drinking caffeinated sodas throughout the day. And let’s be honest, they’re just delicious & nothing hits the spot quite like an ice-cold can of Coke on a hot day.

keto sodas and sparkling water

Unfortunately, regular soda simply doesn’t fit into my diet anymore.

Even if I enjoyed one in the past as a special treat, having even half of one soda now would kick me right out of ketosis and undo a lot of the hard work I’ve put into staying consistent. 😔

If you really miss your sodas, you can still technically enjoy the diet versions of your favorites since those are sugar-free (think Coke Zero, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew Zero Sugar, etc.). However, since they often contain less-than-desirable artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose, and maltitol, they’re not the best choice and should probably be limited to special occasions.

There’s a little silver lining though, thank goodness! 🙌

arrangement of sugar free keto soda pop on counter

Even if soda’s off the menu, there are plenty of soft drinks that contain no sugar, no carbs, and are made with healthy (or at least healthy-ish 😆) ingredients.

While I thought all the drinks I tried at least earned a “pretty good” rating, there were some that satisfied the fizzy cravings more than others!

From best to worst, here’s what I thought of each keto soda I tried:

1. Spindrift sparkling water tasted the best & only has two ingredients!


Can of Spindrift lemon sparkling water

This was good. Really good. Like, suspiciously good, if I’m being honest.

I tried the Spindrift Lemon flavor since it had 0g sugar (and some of their other flavors did have a gram or two), and I did not expect to like it as much as I did! It tastes slightly sweet, but they don’t even add any artificial sweeteners–it’s literally just carbonated water and lemon juice.

Spindrift Lemon Sparkling Water

And that’s not to say it tastes sweet like lemonade, because it’s definitely not sugary at all. It’s just a really light, refreshing sparkling water that’s perfect on a hot day & just sweet enough to squash my cravings.

This gets the highest rating for both flavor & nutrition!

Hip Tip: Ice water with lemon is my go-to drink when I have a stomach ache, and Spindrift’s lemon flavor was a lifesaver one day when I wasn’t feeling well! I think it’d make a great swap for ginger ale if you’ve used that to calm your tummy in the past.

2. Virgil’s Zero-Sugar Cola was a solid dupe for Coke. 

9 / 10

Virgil's zero sugar cola in a glass

While you can order these online, I’d recommend using Virgil’s Store Locator to find them for better prices in your local grocery store. 

If you’re looking for a Diet Coke replica without the aspartame, Virgil’s Cola is the one! They had some really yummy flavors, but I went with the classic cola and was not disappointed. 🙌 Even better, they use an erythritol + monk fruit blend to sweeten their sodas, so I didn’t feel any uncomfortable bloat like I would with diet drinks.

I ranked Spindrift’s Lemon sparkling water above this one based on my own preference for sour flavors over sweet 😋, but if you’re looking for a drink that’s the closest to real soda, I’d say go with Virgil’s!

3. LaCroix’s Orange Sparkling Water is super refreshing. 


La Croix orange flavor

*Note that this is gone for shipping, however you can still grab it for pick up if in stock near you.

I suppose there’s a reason LaCroix is so popular—the drinks really are the gold standard of sugar-free sparkling waters. While I liked Spindrift’s take on citrusy drinks just a little more, this flavor was a close second! Since it looked like other folks online liked the citrus flavors the best, I went with the orange for this taste test.

I thought the orange flavor really stood out & this would be so good with some fresh or frozen strawberries added in to mix up the flavor. 😋

best stevia sweeteners — nunaturals clear extract stevia nustevia

If you like more of a sweet drink, just add a few drops of liquid stevia to sparkling water and you’ve got yourself a keto soda!

4. Zevia is another good alternative to “real” soda. 


Virgil's and Zevia cans on table in front of other keto sodas and sparkling waters

I tried the Dr. Zevia flavor because Dr. Pepper was one of the few sodas that I really craved before starting keto.

While this was good, I was a little bummed after tasting it. It’s definitely more “Dr. Pepper-inspired” than it is a true keto soda dupe. I could taste hints of the spicy flavor I miss so much, and maybe I set myself up for disappointment by trying a flavor I had such high hopes for. 😅

Still, I liked it enough that I’ll try the other flavors & recommend it to others. I heard the grape flavor is awesome! Plus, this is pretty close to actual soda so if sparkling water just isn’t cutting it, I’d recommend Zevia for sure.

5. San Pellegrino’s Tangerine & Wild Strawberry flavor was okay, but I liked the others more. 


can of San Pellegrino tangerine & strawberry sparkling water next to glass

Like Virgil’s, I would recommend using San Pellegrino’s Store Locator to find the flavors available in a store near you. 

This may be controversial since San Pellegrino is so popular, but I didn’t love their zero sugar Tangerine and Strawberry Essenza drink. 😔

It was just “okay” to me. I didn’t get a ton of tangerine flavor, and basically, all I noticed was a hint of strawberry. If someone offered me one, I wouldn’t turn it away, but I also wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it again.

When compared to sodas like Spindrift which pack a lot of flavor with minimal ingredients, I’ll be skipping over this option on my shopping trips.

6. bubly Grapefruit Sparkling Water has potential, but I didn’t like it by itself.


Bubly grapefruit sparkling water

I really wanted to love this keto soda since grapefruit is one of my favorite flavors ever, but I didn’t even get a tiny hint of grapefruit flavor. What a downer!

I feel pretty much the same way about my Bubly taste test that I do about San Pellegrino. I wouldn’t turn it away, but I wouldn’t seek it out, either.

pouring a can of sparkling water into a glass

However, I do think both the Bubly and San Pellegrino drinks would taste really good if used alongside other ingredients!

You could easily blend them up into slushies with some frozen berries (like these White Claw Slushies), and I think they would be so good and refreshing like that!

white claw slushy

You could also try the Stevia hack I mentioned earlier. However, when tried by themselves, they get a “meh” rating from me.

Lastly, we do have an honorable mention, my Hip teammate Emily likes Olipop! 

olipop low carb low sugar soda


Get Olipop from the Olipop website

Like many of us, avoiding sugary drinks is at the forefront of Emily’s mind. While she’s a big fan of lightly flavored seltzer waters, Olipop’s full flavor sodas really surprised her! She did feel the traditional soda flavors, like Root Beer and Cola, fell a little short in the flavor department (similar to what I experienced with Virgil’s), but they could be sweetened up with some liquid stevia to really give it that authentic taste.

That said, she really liked the Orange and Grape flavors and said they totally delivered that fruity flavor, but in a way that didn’t leave her mouth and teeth feeling like they were coated in sugar! However, the price is pretty steep so these are more of a “special occasion” treat vs an everyday drink.

Looking for a refreshing and sweet treat? Our Keto Strawberry Pie is a summer staple!

About the writer:

Brandi has an Associate's Degree and 5+ years of experience writing and creating online content for local businesses.

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  1. Scarlette Cox

    If you get the Zevia that’s meant to taste like coke it does. The blue can, called Cola. You have the one intended to be Dr. pepper, notice the “dr.” So thats why it tasted like it.

    I love zevia but it causes terrible heartburn after one sip so i stick with la croix

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for letting us know what you’ve thought of them, Scarlette! ❤️ Good to know how they taste.

  2. Donna

    So far the bubbly coconut pineapple is my favorite. Along with orange cream. The berry flavors are good too. The cherry tasting like a big red!! I think all flavors need a chance to rule out any!!

    • Trish (Hip Sidekick)

      Those all sound good, Donna! Thanks for letting us know what you’ve thought of the ones you’ve tried so far! 🥥🍍🍊🍓🍒

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