Keto Success Story: Cari Lost 100 Pounds & Got Her Life Back

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Keto is changing lives!

It certainly has in the case of my sweet friend Cari! She’s been living the keto life for just over 9 months and recently celebrated losing a whopping 100 pounds. She’s sharing her story with us and I have to tell ya, she’s so inspirational. I’m so happy for her and you can see by the smile on her face how amazing she feels now.

How did you first discover keto?

One day, my sister-in-law came for a visit and she had been doing keto for a few months and lost a substantial amount of weight. I was amazed at her progress and that sparked a bit of inspiration for me and my husband. We were suddenly ready to be healthier, happier people.

How long have you been keto?

It’s been 9 months since I made the switch to the keto lifestyle with my husband. We were both feeling way too awful for our age and knew it was time to change. I turned 40 this year and didn’t want to feel 60 any longer. In 9 short months, I have lost 100 pounds and I am below the goal weight I had set for myself in the beginning.

I had put on the weight when I lost my dad, mom, and stepdad to cancer in a pretty short span of time. They were all in their early to mid-50s and the losses were overwhelming for me. I no longer cared about myself and I could barely function due to the grief. I suffered from horrible social anxiety and depression. 9 months ago I was at my lowest, and the last thing I wanted to think about was my need to lose weight. But I also have a huge fear that my children would suffer the same kind of loss if I didn’t become healthier and happier in my life.

Do you count macros/calories/etc?

I religiously tracked for the first 3 or 4 months but now that I am this far in, I rarely track.

Are you strict keto or lazy keto?

I am fairly strict and eat clean keto-friendly foods with an occasional dirty food when I’m out and about. I avoid packaged keto snacks, sweetened drinks, fat bombs, and keto desserts. I haven’t had any “cheat meals”. I stay the course, and dedication to that pays off big time.

Do you participate in Intermittent Fasting?

No, I never incorporated IF into my routine.

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What does a day’s worth of meals look like for you?

Breakfast is always just my coffee, heavy whipping cream, and monk fruit sweetener. Lunch and dinner are almost always a protein, veggie, and added healthy fat. I stay pretty simple with my meals because I don’t enjoy cooking. I don’t snack.

What helps you to stay on track?

Stubbornness and knowing I’d succeed. I started this journey fully confident to my success and knew I’d be committing to a change for life.

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What has been the best thing about living the keto life?

As the weight came off and my energy levels increased, I began feeling better emotionally.  My skin looks amazing, my mind feels less heavy with worry and anxiety, I leave my house again and actually enjoy life. Keto means so much more than just looking better.  It really has changed my entire life and the way I look at my future.  I’ll be forever grateful for my sister in laws help and encouragement in the beginning.

Any advice for those starting out on keto or having a hard time sticking to it?

Start when you are 100% ready. The hardest part is the first two weeks when the cravings are there. You need the willpower to get through that. If you start out committed and have the willpower to get through those first couple weeks, it’s smooth sailing after that.

I was pretty overwhelmed in the beginning with all the information out there. Before I started, I researched and read and found the guidelines I felt I wanted to follow and only after I felt totally ready did I jump in with both feet.

Congratulations, Cari! 🎉

Thank you for taking the time to share your keto experience with us and our Hip2Keto community! We’re cheering you on to reach your goals and continue on with your improved, healthier lifestyle.

How about you? Do you have a success story you’d like to tell?

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    Wow! Great job, Cari! Way to be proactive about your health. Such an inspiration.

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