5 Food Documentaries That Are Worth Watching

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Computer screen showing The Magic Pill food documentary on Netflix

Time to switch up your binge-watching queue.

Want a good film that captivates you and makes you more knowledgeable when it comes to keto? We’ve rounded up some of the best food documentaries to watch which explore the food industry and reveal common misleading information about sugar, wheat, and other false claims in between.

1. Fat Head

fat head movie poster

Remember “Super Size Me” and the shock it created around eating fast food? Comedian Tom Naughton responds head-on with his movie Fat Head and follows a diet consisting of double cheeseburgers and fried chicken to demonstrate that almost everything you think you know about obesity and healthy eating is wrong.

“This is a well done, very independent documentary. While it may not have the polished, high production value of other documentaries, it is full of interesting facts about what we are told is healthy to eat and why. You will also learn how your body reacts to different foods. This doc is very well researched and easily explains a lot of information.


To all the reviewers who say this will convince people that an all fast food diet is healthy, watch it again with an open mind because you missed the point. He is eating a fast food diet in order to debunk Spurlock’s supersized lie, using Spurlock’s method. When the month experiment is over, he starts eating a low carb, meat and vegetable diet.


While I do wish it was a little better edited, I highly recommend it!” — Amazon reviewer

How to watch Fat Head:

2. Fed Up

food documentary fed up movie poster

There’s no sugar coating it, director Stephanie Soechtig has had it with “Big Sugar”. Fed Up follows families struggling with obesity, diabetes, and other health issues all linked to neglect from the US government, to accurately assess the risk of sugar in the American diet, especially that of children.

“I cleaned out the pantry, throwing away all of the crap I’d had no idea was crap. Then I made dinner for my family tonight with no added sugar in it, and they loved it. I also told them about the movie, and we’re going to watch it together in a couple of days. I’m so, so glad I watched this. I’m done with sugar. Done. I know that’s going to be hard, but I’ll do whatever it takes. It’s that important.” — Amazon reviewer

How to watch Fed Up

3. The Magic Pill

one of the best food documentaries, magic pill, shown on macbook

One of our favorite food documentaries, The Magic Pill, focuses on the fact that the cure to a laundry list of health issues and illnesses doesn’t have to come from a pill. Rather, through the accounts of doctors, patients, scientists, chefs, farmers, and journalists, you’ll see how a shift in eating habits can combat most of our modern diseases, with the main focus boiling down to using fat as fuel.

“The Magic Pill is amazing and so eye-opening. You will throw away everything in your pantry after watching it. It’s so cool to see how impactful changing your diet is.” — Hip2Keto Michelle


“One of my favorite quotes is ‘If it came from a plant, eat it. If it was made IN a plant, DON’T.’ They teach you how to shop on the OUTSIDE of the store (where your cheese, meat, cream, butter, and veggies are) and for the most part, stay away from the middle aisles of the grocery store (where your chips, cookies and processed foods are — which are all wheat and sugar-filled!). I seriously threw away so much stuff from my pantry afterward.” — Hip2Keto Erica

How to watch The Magic Pill

4. Food Inc.

Food Inc Movie Poster

Not for the faint of heart, Food Inc. takes a deep dive into corporate farming in the US to expose the unhealthy, harmful, and abusive practices that take an extreme toll on animals and employees. Other segments of the documentary delve into the unsustainable industrial production of grain and improper regulations on food labels, ultimately promoting unhealthy food consumption habits by the American public.

“It was a real eye-opener to how our food is handled and manufactured. I have been researching some of the interviewers and following their research and frankly, it explains a lot of why our country is falling so ill. With the combination of how our food is manufactured (yes, manufactured) through its feed, lack of clean space and grazing, and to maltreatment is it any wonder we don’t have enough to nourish us anymore? The one thing manufacturers have not realized is how to add all the vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, micro and macronutrients to our food that only come with growing, nurturing, and keeping the land and livestock healthy. Real health from fresh air, sunshine, and humane treatment that keeps produce and livestock at it best.” — Amazon reviewer

How to watch Food Inc.

5. What’s With Wheat

food documentary what's with wheat poster

Wheat’s not what it used to be, and it’s growing increasingly obvious, whether it’s the rising number of individuals with wheat and gluten sensitivity, the correlation between gluten and autoimmune diseases, or the tens of thousands of people suffering from ill-health. The documentary sets out to educate and raise awareness about making changes to our diets to improve health for children and future generations.

“Wow! Thank you for making this movie. I am very educated on the topic but learned so much more. I avoid obvious gluten but am still so sick all the time. So I paused the movie and looked through my fridge and quickly realized that I am far from gluten-free. It really is hidden in every product under different names. I’ve decided to go completely gluten-free and sugar-free for 30 days and see where I land.” — Amazon reviewer

How to watch What’s With Wheat

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  1. Tammy L Carr

    FANTASTIC list!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! Thanks for the feedback! Glad you are loving this list!

  2. Michelle

    Would also recommend FAT: A Documentary on amazon prime.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for the suggestion, Michelle! I’ll be sure to pass that along to the team!

      • Michelle

        Also “that sugar film” on amazon prime as well!

        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          Oh cool! Thanks, again!

    • CC0211

      When I watched FAT a couple of weeks ago…..it caused me start Keto the very next morning, which was two days before the H2K start date!!! I was SOLD! Haha

  3. Cindy

    I recommend Rotten on Netflix. 2 seasons with 6 episodes in each I believe.

    • Angie (Hip2Keto Sidekick)

      Hi Cindy! Thank you for your recommendation. ❤

  4. laurafaircloth

    There’s a new one called Fat Fiction that’s excellent also! It’s on Amazon Prime video.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh cool! Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll be sure to check it out!

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