Ask Our Keto Nutritionist: Vegetarians, Acne, and Eating When Not Hungry

Got questions you wish you could ask a keto nutritionist?

We’ve partnered with a tried and true keto nutritionist who’s dedicated to helping people live their best lives through the ketogenic diet. What’s more, to best support our ketogenic community, each week, we’ll answer your questions! Note that we’re not doctors, so please consult with your trusted medical partner if you have specific questions regarding your health.

I’m a vegetarian. Can I still do keto?

Absolutely. Some vegetarians still include certain animal products like eggs, fish, and dairy.  If you are one of these, then protein intake is no problem. If you do not include any of these animal products in your diet, you can still obtain adequate protein via nuts, seeds, and some higher protein vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, brussels sprouts, artichokes, and leafy greens. Try to avoid soy-based products as they tend to be high in carbohydrates.

In fact, our own Hip2Keto team consists of at least one vegetarian who’s been investigating keto for herself!

“Keto is definitely a challenge as a vegetarian. Since I can still eat cheese and eggs (in moderation), it’s a little easier to find options. Obviously, I can eat healthy keto veggies and I can get fat from olives, chia seeds, flax seeds, and oils. I also make this yummy fat head pizza dough and top it with veggies, and indulge in this delicious lemon poppy seed cake.” – Michelle

Hip Tip: If you are a vegetarian, be sure to browse all of the highly rated cookbooks on Amazon that are filled with vegetarian recipes to help you stick with your keto lifestyle! The /vegetarianketo/ Reddit board is another great resource.

Ever since I started keto, I stopped getting pimples. What gives?

I love hearing the added perks of living a fat-fueled life. Weight loss is one of the top motivators for living keto; however, there are so many perks and benefits that come as a surprise. What matters is you are healthier!  Current research indicates a strong relationship between carbohydrate intake and acne, so it makes sense that lowering carbs would help. 🙌

I’m never hungry on keto. Should I force myself to eat?

Typically, on a low-carb, high-fat diet, the standard meals pattern of three meals per day plus one to two snacks are not necessary or needed due to the satiating effect of eating healthy fats and fueling off of stored body fat. Eating one or two meals per day is more typical on the keto diet.

If you find you can go without eating for extended periods of time where you likely are not getting adequate nutrition, then this may be your body telling you to increase your daily carb intake, which will balance out healthy hunger with the longer satiating periods between meals. I do not believe in forcing yourself to eat if your brain is telling you you’re full…however, there could be mixed signals and you may just need to adjust your diet a bit.

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Tara Finnerty RDN, CSP, CD—is a ketogenic specialist and fat-fueled enthusiast. Tara is a registered dietitian in Utah and owner of Sugar House Nutrition LLC. Her aim is to provide nutrition support for people wanting to reap the many health benefits of the ketogenic (keto) diet. Her expertise in the keto diet was initially working with children who have uncontrolled epilepsy. Tara supports nutrition diversity and works toward helping people find an individualized approach to make healthy eating sustainable.

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