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My name is Collin. You may know me from Hip2Save, my frugal living website that keeps you up to date with the latest coupons, hottest promotions, clever shopping tips, delicious recipes, and fun DIY projects. I LOVE providing valuable lifestyle content that can help change lives for the better from topics like finances to family life to my favorite subject — food! My passion for saving money paired with my love of the keto diet is how Hip2Keto was born!

Hip2Keto is our keto lifestyle website. It’s also our collective love letter to bacon, cheese, and heavy cream (not necessarily in that order). We provide the latest and greatest keto recipes, tips, and so much more — all so you can get your keto on in a practical, frugal way that will fit right into your budget and lifestyle.

If you’re not familiar with the keto diet, let me give you a brief breakdown of this lifestyle. Keto, short for Ketogenic, is a high-fat low-carb diet and gets it name from the end all goal — having your body enter ketosis. In short, this means your body is using fat and protein (instead of carbs) for energy, prompting weight loss, brain focus, and other health benefits.

Why are we Hip2Keto?

If you’re anything like me, feeling my best is a top priority. Prior to keto, I was a yo-yo dieter, constantly trying to find what would make my digestive system feel better. The constant bloating and uncomfortable gut feeling I was experiencing kept dragging me down. After trying multiple diets, medications, and taking a trip to the doctor, I decided that giving keto a chance was right for me. Since jumping in over 3 years ago, I have never felt better and I’m happy to say it’s a way of life for me now!

I’m very open about my keto lifestyle and even posted a Facebook Live video with my dad when I was just getting my feet wet with ketogenic living.

“I hate the term ‘diet’ and I would say Collin isn’t on a diet, it’s just a way of eating. I think a big problem is when you go on a diet, that almost by definition means you change the way you’re eating in a way that isn’t the way you want to eat.” – My dad 😄

Now tell me, when’s the last time you were on a diet and were able to say “yes, please!” to bacon, cheese, and other full-fat foods? Probably never, which is what makes keto such an appealing and easy lifestyle to follow!

How much weight can people lose on keto?

My Hip2Save sidekicks are also fans! In fact, to date, we’ve lost a total of 242 pounds!

Here are some of the reasons our Hip2Save team goes gaga for keto. #BaconSquadGoals

Hip2Keto Success Stories

Sidekick Michelle isn’t hangry at under 30 net carbs per day.

“How I feel is AMAZING. I’ve not only lost 60 pounds, I have no more sugar cravings or up and down hangriness. I do have lots more energy, clear skin, and less heartburn. I stay under 30 net carbs per day.”

Sidekick Jamie lost 135 pounds by kicking it keto.

“I’ve lost 135 pounds with keto over the years. And when I stick to eating low carb I actually keep them off.  #Concept!  I eat around 20 total carbs per day, follow Atkins 1972 plan, and log my food with MyFitnessPal.”

Sidekick Stacy skips the fat bombs.

“I’ve lost 47 lbs in seven months. My macros are loosely 85% fat, 10% protein, 5% carbs, and I stay under 40 carbs net.”

Could this lifestyle be for you?

Like any diet, new research and advancements are discovered constantly which is why my team is dedicated to bringing you helpful information sourced from highly reputable leaders in this field. I’d love for you to be part of our community by sharing your experience with us in the comments section of your favorite recipes and advice posts!

Disclaimer: We are not doctors. While we’re so excited about sharing our experience with the ketogenic lifestyle, please partner with your trusted healthcare professionals for optimal health. Your doctor + keto = better choices you can track!

We look forward to supporting your healthy lifestyle efforts and can’t wait to share our real life tips and recipes with you!