Season, Sear, and Bake — It’s the Best Way to Cook a Steak!

Wish your steak came out perfect every time?

Prepare to be VERY pleased! Steak is definitely a Keto staple, and I’m lucky it’s something I can enjoy often because of this lifestyle! My family also loves it, and there are never any complaints when we have steak for dinner! I’ve tried cooking my steak a few different ways, but this pan frying to oven method is my new favorite and truly life changing!

season, sear, and bake is the best way to cook steak – pictured here, steak ready to be cooked

Yep, Alton Brown is my steak HERO!

His method for cooking foolproof steaks is super easy to replicate and it’s hands down my favorite way to cook a steak.

Not only is it simple, this genius method takes your steak game up a notch! Plus, it’s great for those who don’t have access to an outdoor grill as this method uses a stove top and oven instead. But I’m telling you, this way of cooking will convince even the most diehard grill fans to head indoors to try it for themselves — the steak tastes like it came straight out of a fine dining steakhouse!

season, sear, and bake is the best way to cook steak – pictured here, the steak searing in the pan

All it takes? Just season, sear, and bake!

To get started, I first rub the steak with oil and season it generously with kosher salt & fresh cracked pepper, then heat a cast iron skillet to a screamin’ hot 500º F. That part is key! A piping hot skillet will help that steak sizzle and give it that crave-able seared crust around the outside. I love the super satisfying sound when meat first hits the pan.

Hip Tip: Keep your cast iron in tip-top shape with these cleaning and restoring tips!

season, sear, and bake is the best way to cook steak – pictured here, pulling the pan from the oven

Finish the steak in the oven!

After the steak is perfectly seared, I bake it for a few minutes in a hot 500ºF oven. When it’s finished cooking, I give the meat a 10-minute rest so the juices redistribute for ultimate tenderness. Then it’s ready to eat! A juicy steak ready to eat in under 20 minutes? So awesome and so tasty!

My advice: When cooking with cast iron, make sure your hands are well protected. I know from experience cast iron gets super hot and normal oven mitts sometimes can’t cut it! Try these silicone oven mitts that can take the heat and offer great protection.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 boneless rib eye steak, 1 1/2 inches thick
  • Olive oil (or oil of your choice), to coat
  • Kosher salt and ground black pepper

See Alton Brown’s Instructions HERE.

His directions take about 10 minutes cook time for medium rare steak, and 12 minutes for medium.

Ribeye steak perfection in a snap!

What I love about this steak preparation – the flavorful crust outside and the juicy tender inside. I literally could eat this every day, and it’s so easy to make — YUM!

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