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Ask Our Keto Nutritionist: Hashimoto’s, Cheat Days, and Exercise

Got questions for a nutritionist who “gets” keto?
We’ve partnered with a tried and true keto nutritionist who’s dedicated to helping people live their best lives through the ketogenic diet. What’s more, to best support our ketogenic community, each week, we’ll answer your questions!

Please note that we’re not doctors, so if you have any specific questions regarding your own health, please consult with your trusted medical partner. 

My doctor recommended keto for Hashimoto’s, but is my high blood pressure an issue?
Hashimoto’s disease is a problem of the immune system in which it attacks the thyroid. A poor diet can affect the immune system, so following a diet that is anti-inflammatory, such as keto, may help with this; however, note that you need to follow a healthy, well-formulated ketogenic diet, including vegetables but avoiding processed foods.

Regarding the blood pressure condition, studies have shown that a low-carb, high-fat diet is beneficial, but you will need to work with your doctor to help with management of blood pressure medications while transitioning to a ketogenic diet. On the ketogenic diet, the body excretes more sodium rather than retains it, so sodium needs are actually higher than on a standard diet.

How long does it take to get back into ketosis if I go (way) over on carbs?
This is very individual and depends on the type and amount of carbs that were consumed. It also depends on how long one has been on the keto diet or in other words, how adapted one is to keto. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Struggling a little bit? It happens. Here’s some reading to help you stay the course:

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Remember, you’re following a lifestyle, so while slips make you human, try to stick within your macros whenever possible and remind yourself of the benefits of keeping in ketosis. It’s worth it!

Can I play tennis while on the Keto diet?
Absolutely! There are no forms of physical activity that cannot be done on a full ketogenic diet. In fact, keto is being highly studied and used in high-performance athletes.

Some things to keep in mind:

When first starting keto, performance will typically decline.
Over several months, it should begin to improve – and even accelerate.
If you do not exercise or play tennis frequently to build cardiovascular endurance, then improvements in physical performance may not be seen, keto or not.
Make sure you are paying special attention to electrolytes and hydration, especially when exercising, as deficiencies of either would result in lack of energy and performance.

Got questions you’d like to ask a keto nutritionist? Let us know!