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Ask Our Keto Nutritionist: Best Apps, Bad Breath, and Stalls

Got questions for a nutritionist who “gets” keto?
We’ve partnered with a tried and true keto nutritionist who’s dedicated to helping people live their best lives through the ketogenic diet. Please note that we’re not doctors, so if you have any specific questions regarding your own health, please consult with your trusted medical partner. 

What’s the best way to calculate and track your macros?
This has been hard for me. Honestly, I believe in a life without macros. What I mean by this is it is possible to be successful on keto without using a calculator. You can usually gauge weight loss on keto in other ways, like through looser-fitting clothing or through the use of keto strips.

However, if you are struggling in meeting your goals, getting into ketosis, and/or need to assess where you are at with your intake, a good place to start is 75/15/10:
– 75% total calories from fat
– 15% total calories from protein
– 10% total calories from carbohydrate (ideally non-starchy vegetables)

Check out these 7 keto macro tracking and accountability apps! 

Why does my breath smell so bad?
Acetone is one of the three types of ketones your body will produce when fueled by fat. This particular ketone is expelled through the breath and will generally smell somewhat sweet or like nail polish remover.

If dehydrated (or dealing with dry mouth), the bacteria in your mouth combined with acetone is not a good smelling combination and has been given the name “dragon breath”. Over time, the more one becomes adapted to living keto – along with good hydration and dental hygiene – the more bad breath will fade away.

Check out this article I wrote about funky keto smells dieters tend to experience!

I’ve lost weight, but I’ve stalled for about 3 months. Any suggestions?
Ugh! Weight loss stalls can be so frustrating, especially when you’re pretty sure you’re doing everything the right way and following your keto diet to the letter! There can be multiple reasons for a weight loss stall. A few of the big ones I often see are:
1) Grazing between meals
2) Carb creep–too many hidden or unaccounted carbs entering the diet
3) Over-doing protein
4) Needing to cut back on the fat a bit
Also, Intermittent Fasting is a great way to bust through a stall and three months into keto is a perfect time to introduce it.

Got questions you’d like to ask our keto nutritionist?

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